21.09 2012

Pétunia 4 @ Lisa Ruyter Galerie

with Lili Reynaud-Dewar


The Temporäre Autonome Zone is a temporary, experimental and independent exhibition platform existing the time of an exhibition at Lisa Ruyter Galerie in Vienna. It is initiated by the Berlin based feminist group FF and expands into Vienna and elsewhere. The Feminist Archive project consists in the gathering our own personal libraries into one place to be used for the duration of this project. The emphasis is to be on a very contemporary feminist dialog, to include magazines, fanzines as well as theory and monographs. Donations will be assembled along with purchased materials. The focus of today’s discussion will be writing about feminist issues / female artists featuring Petunia, as well as guests for the launch of the archive concept. Including presentations by Veronika Hauer, Magda Tothova and Laurie Henzel from Bust magazine.


Galerie Lisa Ruyter
Kantgasse 3/2/20
Vienna A-1010
+43 1 505 6100


Launch of Pétunia 4 @ Art-o-rama, Marseilles

with Dorothée Dupuis.

with a live performance of Fabienne Audéoud coproduced by Le Confort Moderne, Poitiers, during the opening of Art-o-rama, Marseille's contemporary art salon


17.09 2011
Pétunia @ Kunsthalle Wien. Zine Fair : One day Independent Publishers Fair, Vienna, Austria
Curators: Catherine Hug et Rita Vitorelli (spex).


12.07.2011 :
Launch Pétunia #3 @ Motto, within Based in Berlin, Berlin, Germany
image #1 image #2


02.07 2011 :
Launch Pétunia #3 @ Castillo/Corrales, 80 rue Julien Lacroix, Paris 20th.

07-04 - 25.04 2011 :
Pétunia @ 1st International Bienne City Zine Weeks, Bienne, Switzerland


29.10 2010 :
Presentation of the film work of Renate Lorenz and Pauline Boudry @ Fondation Ricard, Paris, France


12.12 2010 :
Pétunia @ CoCo Kunstverein, Vienna, Austria
Die Blumen


15.10-12.11 2010 :
Pétunia @ Die Grammatik des Buches, Munich, Germany
Curator : Anna Schneider
pictures :


18.09 2010 :
Pétunia @ Kunsthalle Wien. Zine Fair : One day Independent Publishers Fair, Vienna, Ausria
Curator : Catherine Hug;lang=de;back=3726


07.06 2010 :
Release of issue #2 @ Le Commissariat, Paris, France


14.05-16.05 2010 :
Pétunia @ No soul for sale, a festival of independents, Tate Modern, London, Great Britain


23.04-25.04 2010 :
Pétunia @ Pa/Per View, Wiels, Brussels, Belgium


05.09 2009 :
Pétunia @ Unter dem Motto, Berlin, Germany


17.06 2009 :
Release of issue #1 @ the Palais de Tokyo, Paris, France